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Privacy Policy
Keeping Member and Associate information secure is most important to Nice Rx.
Nice Rx will not share, sell or otherwise disclose information to any third parties not affiliated with Nice Rx.
The personal information provided is collected for the sole purpose of providing member, member dependents (if applicable) and associates with Nice Rx services and benefits.
We may disclose any of this information to our affiliates, service providers, third party service providers, provider networks and other suppliers of products and services to Nice Rx members and associates.
Personal information collected includes, but is not limited to: name, address, city, state, zip, telephone numbers, social security number, date of birth, gender, dependent name, dependent gender, dependent date of birth, dependent social security number, dependent relationship, beneficiary name, beneficiary data of birth, beneficiary gender, beneficiary relationship, bank account information, or credit card information. Personal information collected comes from one of the following: paper application, faxed application, and web application.
Nice Rx will maintain information even after the member cancels membership or associate is terminated/resigns from Nice Rx. This information will be protected as that of an active member or associate.
A member or associate may request in writing, after discontinuing the membership or resignation/termination, to remove the information from our file.
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